Publication — “Early Iron Age Pottery: A Quantitative Approach”

S. Verdan, Th. Theurillat, A. Kenzelmann Pfyffer, Early Iron Age Pottery: A Quantitative Approach, Proceedings of the International Round Table organized by the Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece, Athens 2008, BAR S2254, 2011

Quantitative approaches in ceramology are gaining ground in excavation reports, archaeological publications and thematic studies. Hence, a wide variety of methods are being used depending on the researchers’ theoretical premise, the type of material which is examined, the context of discovery and the questions that are addressed. The round table that took place in Athens on November 2008 was intended to offer the participants the opportunity to present a selection of case studies on the basis of which methodological approaches were discussed. The aim was to define a set of guidelines for quantification that would prove to be of use to all researchers.

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